Corporate Culture

                              Lingyang's mission: Help the team to achieve their dream! Help the customers create value! Takes responsibility for the society.
                              Lingyang's values: Integrity, dedication, responsibility, innovation, love, good deeds, win-win situation, development, do what you want, do things in a practical and realistic way, dare to think and dare to do.
                              Lingyang's business strategy: Professional products, integrity of the service, dedicated attitude, a high sense of responsibility, and have a sense of belonging in the enterprise.
                              Lingyang's strategic planning: To be a century enterprise.
                              Build a learning platform to promote the upgrading of quality; build service platform, and seek overall development; build helping platform, fulfill our social responsibility.
                              Lingyang 's Competitive Culture:
                              1.the competition of boss - Thinking pattern of the boss
                              2.the competition of team--A group of people together is gang,ties the heart of all is team .
                              3. the competition of patterns ---It is reproducible manner of success. Without pattern , there will be no operation and management(All the successful enterprises have their own unique patterns),so the boss Ms bie is always looking for a breakthrough point ,hope that the company's products to a high-end development. She will stick to do it and hope the dreams will come true .
                              If you want to go fast ,you go alone! If you want to go far, you go together with team.