Entrepreneurial story

                              Entrepreneurial story of Ms Bie
                              The first stage: the beginning of the business
                              Start your own business by doing three things: 1. The accumulation of experience; 2. The accumulation of funds; 3. The accumulation of talents.
                              Before going into business ,Ms Bie worked as a salesman for PING AN life insurance company .She is simple-minded but warmly loved this job .She always worked with full of passion ,she was grown up in the countryside when she was a child ,and unlucky she was not well-educated because of family reason. But she has a great advantage that she is so kind-hear ted that she always ready to help others , treat everybody around her sincerely and honestly .  Every time she rethink of this , she would thought that's the disadvantage to live in this society ,she once doubted that once and once again . After 3 year's promotion job ,finally she found something useful for her ,she realized that : who cares about your educational background ,if you showed up your warmly heart to others ,you also can get a great success. It was rather cruel in the insurance company about ones performance assessment , if you have no clients within 3 month , you will be knocked out. That's why Ms Bie cherish this job so much , she worked so hard that her colleagues nicknamed her as “energetic ox “. And at the same time for the job reason, most of the people she contacted with were successful businessmen. After long term connection with Ms Bie ,all of them thought she was excellent and will be success in the nearly future. They full support her job ,and of course Ms Bie appreciated them from her deeply heart .And she also dreamed to be like them ,she built up a strongly mind to be a entrepreneur. From then on ,she started to find the opportunity to make this dream come true .That's the story ,and also we can say the experience accumulation for her first business step .
                              In April 2003,Ms Bie knew a friend called Shubing Feng during she did insurance business, who  told her a business opportunity that the disposable shoe covers were in short supply. Meanwhile, he provided the client's phone number and address. Ms Bie contacted with the client in time and hurried to Wuhan to meet with him. The client promised to her that he can sell all the shoe covers as she produces. Against the much pressure of families and friends,  in May 2015, Ms Bie spend all her money RMB35000 to recruit eight workers to start her business. Originally, Hanzheng Street is Ms Bie's target market. But the sale is not good as imagine.  The client didn't demand it any more after the Lingyang brand shoe cover sold twice. He told Bie that off season is coming. Bie didn't know what happened to caused the client's promise of “sell all the shoe covers as she produces” changed. As  there was no good choice, Ms Bie had to go to wholesale market of Hanzheng Street to promote sale door by door. While it was without much effect. In order to sell out all the overstock, Ms Bie came to Yiwu and Chengdu to promote sales, but the result was not good as well. Later she learned that domestic market is seasonal, only the begin and the end of a year is peak season. It's really too difficult to exist. But only the trade can change sale. She can't get the trade order directly at that time ( is not the general taxpayer), had to go to Pengchang town to look for plastic order to do partial process. But it is difficult to receive the payment for processing. There were so many times she fell into deep despair as she borrowed much of money from families and friends under enormous pressure. Many times when she felt she can't hold on she came to her son's room to saw him and tear silently at middle night. One time, Bie's son woke up in the mid-night and found his mother, so Bie told his son all of her distressed, she felt she can't hold on to live and hoped son grow up to pay the debts. This shouldn't have told to son, but he was her spirit support at that time.Under 12 years old son seriously told his mom : what are you talking about, you will be successful, don't have thoughts of death. You can do at this moment is out of the small workshop, to find a place and let others know you have a factory not a small workshop, then you can see the hope. Mum, you have to insist, trust yourself.(Rent a private second floor as factory as limited fund).Unexpectedly her young son point out a hope way for her. Bie told herself that she is gong to move out of small workshop.
                              In the end of 2003, Ms. Bie asked the committee of Hewan village to provide her open ground for factory building. Her son's words always inspire her,in that moment she was full of confidence in herself. After several times communication, the committee said to her the young people in the village have no one like you want to do a big career,now there is no empty ground in the village,but if there has empty space in the village,the village committee will help you to build 350 square meters new workshop. Finally she moved into the new workshop in the beginning of 2004 with the Hewan village committee's help,she was very appreciate for this help,she do the processing as find the market.In September 2004,Her best friend Shanju Feng tell her that the Canton Fair will be able to contact the trading company and will get many orders through them.She has accepted her best friend's suggestion and ready to the Canton Fair. On October 18,She written on her notebook like this:“Today I take my dream and hope on the train to guangzhou,the train will arrived in tomorrow on AM8:10,wish the dream come true and everything is OK.”On the Canton Fair she has received forty eight name cards and after she back home she always contact with the people on the name card,through her endeavor,she started the cooperation with the trading company.In the beginning of 2005,a trading company gave her a sample list with high requirement,she has send samples to the trading company many times,finally the trading company confirmed the samples and placed a huge order to her,she seized the chance and with the help of a lot of friends,she completed the order on time with good quality.Since then,the corporation with the trading company become bigger and bigger.But new problems comes,there is a problem with the circulating fund,she has borrowed money from friends and family, if she wanted to complete the order of this customer,there still had millions of gap.She was very worried about it.One day, her son told her:”Mom,it's time to find a partner.”With her son's suggestion,she began to look for the partner.Because the general manager Bie has done a good job, the village committee build two large workshop to her again.Xiantao Lingyang Plastic Co.,Ltd founded on August 2005,in the meantime she has found a good partner,general manager Mr.Hu,who is optimistic about the good development prospects of the company and put more than 100 millions of funds in the company,she is very thankful to him.Because of Mr Hu's fund,there were accumulation of funds, there came a new hope. In 2007 with the business grows more and more bigger, the limitation of the workshop area, production can not keep up, the production ability can't expand. Ms Bie start a branch in Dafu, rent 6 acres, build 400㎡ workshop to expand production. In 2008, two workshop burned in fire, thanks to the counterparts, employees, relatives and friends. They contribute money and do what they can do, to help the company spent a very hard time. Here, Ms Bie thanks them very much! In 2009, at that time, the handmade shoe cover change to machine made shoe cover, the production in Dafu can't get up. So they discussed with clients, to add more order on non woven face mask. When the machine arrived, the flu appears. At that year, Ms Bie, her partners and management very tried, but they are also very happy. One side production and another side plus workshop, 6 acres was built full. In the end of 2009, face mask orders are less, more than 100 employees work are not stable, life is not guaranteed. What should they do? That is the boss must consider things, Ms Bie should responsible for staff. In 2010, Ms Bie buy three sewing and stitch machine, to made non-woven products. She buy a land of 30 acres in Linwan, built 3000㎡ standard workshop, yeas of dream has come true. The company is developing forward step by step, new problems appears, the trading company's non-woven orders mixed varieties, employees cannot make money, do much grumbling, the company's development forced Ms Bie to get foreign orders, Gradually Ms Bie understand the company needs talent, she was to recruiting, so in 2011, Ms Bie have established trade department, to find college students do business, for the accumulation of talent to the future development of the company.
                              It is a turning point in Year 2003 for Ms Bie,as well the company's  fast growing year,experiencing happiness&distress,final making process adjusting strategic against hard choice,set one experience Man as the head of Trading department. As a Leadership of whole company and grows together with colleagues,President Bie tells herself that the company have to acknowledge Itself and the staff,we need build inner more stronger team and learn more working skills.After  combination and communication. With great company like Alibaba,and learn from Ali's training organization which make much sense for company growth.We had to change. The way we develop ,know how build own company culture .At the same time. Know the swot in the industry and learn from competitor are so important.We are sharing experience on products ,solve complaints from customers. And work together with many other companies.As the company policy of President Ms Bie: Focus its resources on managing to develop strategic needs.Base on it,Which make the bright direction to make progress.Being a entrepreneur,Bie attach importance to the responsibilities of  society, company and its staff. President Bie applied to join the communist part of China,she become a Passion people to all, changes a lot on treat people and things.On the Other hand,the co-partner Hu is a conservative,calm man.It comes to many Divergence of views between them.Under the leadership of Ms Bie, the Trading department stuff made Great progress and achieved full sales volume in the end of Year 2013.Thankful to all hard work colleagues. Xiantao built its Own E-commerce association, Ms Bie served as the Vice president in the association. Lingyang Company owns the reputation in the industry,as well supported by The government organizations which strength Ms Bie. Ms Bie made the company goal in Year 2014 ,desire being a century-old enterprise.Start up a fresh&health company culture,take more society responsibilities.